Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4 months

I have been happily married for 4 months. Alhamdulillah=)

3 hari lepas akad nikah terus berjauhan...2 hari pertama berjauhan tak boleh fokus..semuanya terawang-awangan...banyak kejutan. Since I married someone that I did not really know, the first 3 days was a very big trasition process. Dan ada hikmahnya Allah takdirkan kami berjauhan selepas 3 hari di akad nikahkan. Banyak membantu saya digest apa yang berlaku, revive dan recover.

Two months after the akad nikah, I have my ACCA trial and he had his one month-final exam. Then I had my final ACCA in December. I think I have been very focus coping with my studies and early days of my marriage, but the memories of I have to make 3 trips to bring my books and files from my car to the bedroom in my parents in law house in the weekend prior to my trial will forever stick in my mind. The struggle to spend the precious weekend with husband and my beloved ACCA paper ( you know what I mean right?(,").

I have the most deserving 3 weeks break after ACCA exam;
-one week for preparation for reception in Puchong (24th Dec 2012). Hubby was so kind to drive me back to Jerteh on Friday, a week before reception. That's our first road trip. Since my mum sponsored the super expensive-aidilfitri-last-minute-purchased flight ticket KB-KL after the akad nikah. Second time went home was by bus as hubby came straight from Penang and I was from Shah Alam.

Alhamdulillah lengkap dah travel...by bus, by flight and by car together. Saidina Umar ada berpesan dalam proses ta'ruf kita hendaklah makan, tidur dan travel bersama seseorang itu, lepas tu barulah boleh dikatakan kita telah berkenalan dengan dia. Especially bila travel bersama nie, banyak benda boleh kenal dan belajar. Bukannya kenal 100% tetap ianya membantu kita lebih mengenali seseorang itu, adik beradik, mak ayah, kawan-kawan ataupun suami yang baru dikahwini;).

-one week spend in Puchong and Jerteh and another one week spend alone in Jerteh as hubby already back in Penang..It was a precious yet meaningful holiday...alhamdulillah.

I am now back in Shah Alam, insyaAllah this will be our final semester..God Willing.

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tariq_ramadhan said...

Our final semester in academic but not in marriage...=)